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Lirata is an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our purpose is to advance social justice by strengthening the enablers and reducing the barriers to positive social change.

We support the work of individuals and organisations who are responding to those in need and developing constructive solutions to social issues. Through our work we assist these individuals and organisations to:

  • Become more effective in achieving their goals - including designing and implementing more effective policies, programs, services and social change strategies
  • Achieve greater sustainability - both personally and organisationally
  • Adopt more ethical and empowering approaches.

Our work falls into three main areas:

  1. Consultancy - using our extensive expertise to facilitate processes that will answer key questions and overcome barriers to positive change
  2. Capability building - building skills, knowledge, resilience and resources so that individuals and organisations have the capacity to achieve their goals
  3. Creative projects - collaborating to create and share innovative tools, frameworks and approaches for advancing social justice.

We specialise in the health, community services, education and development sectors, within Australia and internationally. We work with all tiers of government, service providers, peak bodies, advocacy organisations, faith-based organisations, socially engaged businesses and many others to strengthen their efforts to achieve positive social change.

Our staff and Associates have outstanding skills and expertise in service planning and implementation, management and governance, research, evaluation and advocacy.

Our history in the sectors in which we work spans three decades. Our consulting practice was established in 2010.

Our organisation is named after the Snow Daisy Bush, Olearia Lirata, a native Australian plant with beautiful white flowers which grows in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.



Lirata Overview Brochure (PDF 628 KB)