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Lirata's Strategic Plan sets out the key priorities for our work.

Between 2018-21 we are focused on four main areas.

1. Strengthen social justice initiatives.

Through high quality values-based consultancy we will support individuals and organisations to overcome barriers and undertake more effective, ethical, sustainable social justice work.

2. Build capacity for positive change.

We will develop and share knowledge, skills, frameworks, tools and strategies for social justice, and build the capability and resilience of those working to address injustice.

3. Create space for social justice.

Through strategic interventions in systems, processes and discourses, we will help to influence the social and political landscape so that social justice efforts can be more fruitful.

4. Build a vibrant, sustainable organisation.

We will continue to develop and strengthen Lirata’s people, culture, structures, systems and resources so that we can work effectively in an environment we enjoy.


Lirata Strategic Plan 2018-2021 (PDF 797 KB)