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Mark Planigale

Chief Executive Officer

Pronouns: they/them

Mark is a high-profile consultant and organisational leader who combines expertise in social work, IT, advocacy and social innovation.

Mark has a strong focus on supporting organisations and programs to reach their potential. Mark is particularly interested in designing and evaluating innovative approaches to improving client outcomes.

Mark offers a broad suite of skills ranging from research, stakeholder engagement and program design through to information technology and data systems development. Their background in the health and community services sectors spans over 20 years, and includes a wide variety of roles covering management, service delivery, advocacy, research and evaluation, service development and quality auditing.

With a strong systems focus and excellent skills in data analysis and performance measurement, Mark brings a high level of analytical rigour to consulting engagements. They also have a reputation for engaging well with stakeholders in complex and challenging sector environments.

Prior to commencing their consulting practice, Mark worked in direct service and organisational development roles in the homelessness, family services and mental health fields. Between 2007 and 2010 Mark led the Service Development and Research team at HomeGround Services, a major Melbourne homelessness service provider. Mark has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research, and has a strong track record of program evaluation and evaluation capacity building, in sectors including housing, homelessness, financial inclusion, mental health, and legal assistance services. They are a skilled tender writer and also have skills in delivery of training and in group facilitation.

Mark has a strong background in quality improvement and organisational development. Mark is a past member of the Victorian management team of Quality Innovation Performance, Australia’s most comprehensive accreditation provider for the health and community services sectors, and has worked with a range of health and community organisations to improve their quality and compliance systems.

Mark has expertise in a range of areas of Information Technology. They are an experienced web developer, database developer and has managed a number of projects configuring Client Information Systems and reporting systems for human services programs.

Mark’s qualifications include Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Social Work and Graduate Diploma of Computer Science.


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