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Dr. Dorothy Bottrell

Associate Consultant

Dorothy is a teacher educator who has an extensive background in research on the resilience of marginalised young people.

Since 2007 Dorothy has been a teacher educator in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at The University of Sydney and Victoria University. Her research focus is the resilience of marginalised young people, in school and community contexts. Her qualitative research expertise draws on practitioner experience and a commitment to participant perspectives, especially the voices of young people.

Dorothy's research includes Risk and resilience in children who are offending, excluded from school or who have behavior problems (ESRC, UK); Personal resilience, system resilience, and educational opportunity (Spencer Foundation); and Resilience of African young leaders in Melbourne (VU). Dorothy’s work has been published internationally (17 journal articles and 20 book chapters) and she is co-author/editor of four books, including Schools, communities and social inclusion (Palgrave 2011); and Participatory research with children and young people (Sage 2015).

Dorothy has worked extensively with young people, professionals and communities in education and youth work. She was a secondary teacher and careers adviser for 17 years and also taught in TAFE community services education. In schools, juvenile justice (JJ) and youth work she coordinated programs and staff development. At Yasmar JJC, Dorothy worked closely with Aboriginal colleagues to establish the Koori Group and Transition Unit. She coordinated a youth service in Sydney, working mainly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. In partnership with this community she established the Glebe 'Links To Learning' program; 'Sailing Into High School' Year 6-7 transition program; 'Work It Out' skills forums, practical support and video project on girls and careers; Koori Careers Night involving 25 Aboriginal mentors; Gunnedah Cultural Camps; and outreach to Yasmar JJC for girls' work experience and film-making.

Dorothy is also a specialist in flexible and inclusive learning, and has collaborated on multiple projects in this field including 'Putting the jigsaw together: flexible learning programs in Australia'; 'Youth+ Wellbeing Project' (EREA); 'Evaluation of Flexible Learning Victoria'; and Lirata's evaluation of Oakwood School.

Dorothy has a Doctor of Education and her thesis topic was Resistance and resilience: An ethnographic study of marginalised girls.


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