Our vision, purpose and values
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A socially just world in which power, resources and opportunities are shared equitably, all people are fully valued and included, and people live sustainably and free from violence, abuse and exploitation.


To advance social justice by strengthening the enablers and reducing the barriers to positive social change.

To achieve our purpose we:

  • Strengthen the capability, effectiveness and sustainability of organisations and individuals working towards social justice
  • Provide advice on and advocacy for programs, policies, systems and approaches that are ethical and will advance social justice
  • Undertake research and evaluation that contributes to building a knowledge base for social justice
  • Develop and promote effective frameworks, tools and strategies for advancing social justice through nonviolent social change
  • Collaborate with others to form networks and alliances to advance social justice.

To us, social justice means:

  • The capacity for all people to live in safety and to be free from violence, abuse and exploitation
  • The capacity for all people to have the best possible health and wellbeing within their families, communities and society
  • The capacity for all people to be fully included in and to fully and responsibly participate in their communities and society
  • Behaviours and policies that are in accord with human rights, including the absence of discrimination
  • Recognition and celebration of the abilities, strengths and contributions of all groups within society
  • Equitable distribution of power, resources and opportunities within society
  • Respect for and sustainable stewardship of the natural environment, including non-human species.



  • We are clear on our purpose and the ethics that underlie our work
  • We have the courage to stand firm in our principles and to make difficult decisions when necessary
  • We are transparent about what we do and how we work
  • Our independence enables us to remain a clear and principled voice for social justice


  • We are reflective and open to feedback so that we can continue to improve what we do
  • We are always developing our thinking and our evidence base, and sharing our insights with others
  • We systematically develop, evaluate and refine our approaches, tools and processes
  • We intentionally develop our people and strengthen those with whom we work

Collaboration and community

  • We stand together with people and organisations to advance social justice
  • We develop strong relationships through which we achieve much more than we could on our own
  • We engage with people from all walks of life and value diversity
  • We support each other to jointly face tough issues and overcome challenges

Positive effective change

  • We are passionate about our focus on tackling issues that matter
  • We develop individual, flexible and creative solutions to complex problems
  • We plan and deliver all of our activities to ensure a high standard of quality
  • We use each part of our work to make a difference by creating meaningful, positive change


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