In November 2019, we were sad to receive Dr. Trini Espinosa Abascal's resignation from her Research Officer and Data Analyst role with Lirata.

Trini joined Lirata in November 2018, having completed her PhD on understanding consumer behaviour in Indigenous tourism.

Trini has done great work for Lirata across many of our projects over the past year. Trini had a particularly large role in the Limba project, which is developing an online platform for Indigenous communities to manage their own cultural and language materials. Trini was the key software tester, wrote much of the help materials, and worked closely with several Victorian language groups to bring together cultural materials for inclusion in the platform.

Trini also undertook essential data analysis work on projects including the Role Models & Leaders Australia Girls Academy Program, the Emerging Community Leaders Evaluation, and the review of Foundation House’s Sector Development & Partnerships team.

Trini has a strong focus on social diversity and inclusion. She has played a strong role in the design and implementation of the Young Initiators Evaluation in partnership with the Centre for Multicultural Youth. In addition to her work with Lirata, Trini is one of the directors of Latin Stories Australia, which delivers innovative programs highlighting the contribution and responding to the needs of the Latin American migrant community in Victoria.

We are sad to lose Trini from our team, but are thrilled that she is moving on to a full time research and evaluation role with another Melbourne NFP organisation, and will be able to follow her passion for this work.


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