Lirata Ltd has released its first strategic plan, covering the period July 2018 – June 2021. As an innovative social enterprise delivering social justice consultancy and capacity building, a clear plan is important in keeping us focused on what will make a difference.


Purpose and strategic objectives

Our Strategic Plan centres on Lirata’s core purpose of advancing social justice, and has been developed based on the vision and passion of our staff.

Our plan identifies four key strategic objectives for Lirata over this three-year period: to strengthen social justice initiatives; to build capacity for positive change; to create space for social justice; and to build a vibrant, sustainable organisation.

1. Strengthen social justice initiatives

Through high quality values-based consultancy we will support individuals and organisations to overcome barriers and undertake more effective, ethical, sustainable social justice work.

This objective recognises that consultancy can be an important resource for individuals and organisations pursuing social justice initiatives. However, that there can be barriers to accessing suitable consultancy due to cost, lack of values alignment, limited capacity of small consultancy providers and the reluctance of large consultancy providers to take on small projects.

Lirata is committed to supporting social justice programs, projects, policies and campaigns ranging from the micro to the macro. We will continue to work on refining our consultancy methods and costing structures to enable us to make quality consultancy more accessible. We will also seek opportunities to proactively target consultancy to promising social justice initiatives, in addition to responding to organisations who approach us for assistance.

2. Build capacity for positive change

We will develop and share knowledge, skills, frameworks, tools and strategies for social justice, and build the capability and resilience of those working to address injustice.

The success of social justice efforts is strongly influenced by the capacity and capability of the individuals and organisations involved. Resilience is also essential given the many barriers to achieving change, and the long timeframes which are often involved. Building capacity, capability and resilience is therefore an important enabler for lasting positive change.

Lirata will contribute by sharing skills and knowledge, and supporting the development of new frameworks and approaches for social justice. Training, mentoring and information sharing are core to our capacity building work. We aim to strengthen capacity for planning, monitoring and evaluation in the community sector, and to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to remain effective and sustainable. We are in the early stages of developing coaching and support programs for social justice leaders.

3. Create space for social justice

Through strategic interventions in systems, processes and discourses, we will help to influence the social and political landscape so that social justice efforts can be more fruitful.

The socio-political context has a huge impact on the success of social justice work. The perceptions and attitudes of community members, of influential stakeholders and of social justice workers themselves can enable or hinder change. In turn, these perceptions and attitudes are shaped by societal discourses. Laws, policies and social norms have an impact on the ways in which social justice organisations can work and the ways in which key social issues are discussed and handled.

In general, Lirata does not directly campaign on social issues (although many of our staff are involved in social change initiatives in different ways). Our focus is on supporting the work of others. However, we aim to undertake focused advocacy on political and social issues which affect the way in which social justice efforts occur, as well as partnering with others to pilot more ethical and sustainable alternatives to damaging social structures, processes and ideologies.

4. Build a vibrant, sustainable organisation

We will continue to develop and strengthen Lirata’s people, culture, structures, systems and resources so that we can work effectively in an environment we enjoy.

Lirata is still a young organisation but we aim to be around for the long haul! We have a lot of work to do to continue building our team, evolving our operational and governance structures, strengthening our financial position, building our supporter base and further developing our corporate systems to sustain our work. Strengthening our own capacity will mean that we can better support the work of others.

Our Strategic Plan marks a significant step forward in our clarity about our work and priorities. We’re excited to share it with you, and look forward to working together with a wide range of partners over the next three years to advance social justice.

Further information

Lirata’s purpose is to advance social justice by strengthening the enablers and reducing the barriers to positive social change. We provide consultancy, build capacity, advocate for change and partner on projects focused on social justice. For further information please contact Mark Planigale:

Mobile: +61 (0)429 136 596
Landline: +61 (0)3 9457 2547
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lirata Strategic Plan 2018-21 (PDF 797KB)