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Lirata Consulting provides a range of services to non-profits, business and government. We specialise in the education, health and community services sectors. We support funders and service providers to achieve great results for clients, customers, staff and the community.

Research and evaluation

We undertake small- and large-scale program evaluations, with methodologies tailored to the context and client group of the program. Results are presented in clear and concise formats. We have particular expertise in measurement of client outcomes, and assist organisations to set up frameworks to monitor their client outcomes. We assist with foundational steps that support program evaluation, including preparation of clear program documentation, development of program logic statements and theory of change, creation of fit-for-purpose monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and development of data collection tools. We also undertake research based on literature reviews and consideration of best practice.

Strategic planning

We design and facilitate strategic planning processes that explore the strategic environment, clarify objectives, and develop appropriate strategies to meet these objectives. Active involvement of a range of stakeholders is a core value in these processes. We will support you to translate strategic plans into operational plans and to implement efficient reporting systems to monitor progress.

Organisational development and change management

We assist in developing strategies that will strengthen organisational infrastructure including human resources, physical resources, financial resources and intellectual capital. Change is a fact of life for funding bodies as well as service providers, and we will assist you to find the optimal path for your organisation in managing change in ways that are effective, ethical and aligned with your objectives and values.

Business analysis, quality improvement and accreditation support

We assist organisations to understand their current operating environment, internal systems and processes, and level of effectiveness and efficiency. To do this we analyse data from a range of sources including community and population data, administrative data, client records and observation of business processes. Through in-depth review of particular business areas or organisational systems, we are able to identify key strengths and areas for improvement. We help organisations to plan, implement and review improvements to their systems and structures.

We have a strong understanding of best practice models and standards relevant to community organisations, and link quality improvement to these guiding frameworks. We are able to assist your organisation to prepare for accreditation and to implement quality improvement plans.

Stakeholder engagement, including surveys

We have substantial experience in assisting organisations to engage with their stakeholders, including their clients / consumers, staff, service delivery and strategic partners, and the broader sector and community. These stakeholders can provide vital information and support to assist the organisation's development. Strong engagement and open communication supports useful partnerships.

We have particular expertise in designing and implementing staff, client and sector surveys that will assist your organisation to gather essential information and to meet stakeholder participation goals.

Policy development

We assist organisations to review and develop policies and procedures. This may focus on individual policy areas, or may be an overall review and consolidation of policy and procedure across the organisation.

Process facilitation

We facilitate various types of organisational and group processes: meetings, forums, brainstorming sessions, planning and review processes, team-building, training, and more.

Data systems development

We support organisations to organise and manage their data. We have expertise in development and customisation of tools for data capture, data cleaning, and data extraction and reporting. We also assist with development of data dictionaries, documentation of data collection guidelines, and provision of training to staff on data collection. Our goal is to support you to collect high quality data and to make the best possible use of it.


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